Making Yourself Bitter is not a Devil Ray

First, it was Nixon’s Silent Majority, then, Reagan Democrats, then, Swing Voters. What’s it all mean, you ask? Just that a good 50% of Americans are pretty stupid. If you were to take Nixon, Reagan, two Bushes, and I’ll even throw in Jimmy Carter, that’s 31 years of American Presidents in the last 40 years, or so, that were criminal, senile, dim stupid, dull stupid, and criminally stupid. That’s quite a track record, America! Now, let’s keep up the good work. Why break with tradition? Let’s get another Republican in the White House ASAP. So, keep voting for Hillary, will ya!

Devil Rays cronked the Blue Jays last night. And in Pencilneckvania, Hillary cronked Obama. Now I’m bitter. Cling to your guns, your god, and your Beef Jerky…


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