Dreams, Dreams, Dreams, is a Devil Ray

The Bruins skated off the ice for the final time last night in Montreal. Ah, we hardly knew yee. The Yankee’s little cousins, the Red Sox, are off to a good start, and a Kenyan won the Boston Marathon. All is as it should be. The police are corrupt, the firemen, lazy, and the Mayor is off in the corner chortling about something. Oh yeah, the Celtics are poised to make a run again. By again, we mean, for the first time in a long time. Down in the Keystone State, Obama looks tired. He’s beginning to look the way Ali did, a bit haunted by the idea of carrying the hopes of so many on his back. But remember, Ali stood along the ropes and took the pounding Foreman gave him before knocking him out. File that under lessons learned. And lest we forget, the Devil Rays are holding steady, sorting a few things out and ready to make the month of May theirs.


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