The Race For President is not a Devil Ray

Face it, in order to solve any of the problems created by the Bush Administration, the next president is going to have to have 7 balls (not gender-specific here) and 3 brains. In our view, we’re on a death-ride to nowhere. That, excluding the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, is that. We are doomed. In a 100 years, the last humans will be floating on a raft off the coast of a greatly diminished Greenland eating jellyfish. As our soldiers say in Iraq: Embrace the suck!

That being said, it is our pleasure to endorse Barack Obama for President because hoping for change is certainly better than any of the actual half-measures that we’ll take over the next 10 years to begin saving ourselves and the planet.

Devil Rays smoked the Twins last night. And Manny smoked the Yankees, among other things.


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