Crazy Al For President is a Devil Ray

Now, with the Nobel Prize in hand and the Red Sox on the verge of destruction, it is time to summon this once lost soul and lift him into the biggest chair in Washington. Why, you ask? Because he no longer gives a shit. Because he is no longer beholden. Because Crazy Al has walked through the desert, braved the darkest nights, and has been born-again like the Christ Child. He was mocked and scorned and had an election stolen from him. He was programed and wooden, every moment scripted (with the cameras pointed away from his ever-widening bald spot). Afterwards, he changed. It wasn’t a subtle change or one designed to impress. In an early speech, he condemned the war in Iraq and the Bush Administration. He addressed climate change, he grew a beard. He was part monk, part beat-poet. Finally, he became sincere and when it no longer matter he impressed us most. Someone once said that there are no second acts in American life but lets forgive him his first and call it what it was- a preamble to sincerity. Al Gore for President!


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