With A Whisper Not A Scream is not a Devil Ray

Empire is fleeting. And thus, the American League East is a sound mimic of history. Ask the Romans about mercenary armies. Once a beacon of hope (remember: give us your tired and poor…) America is now a rogue, terrorist state, vilified across the world and untrusted. Our wars are now contracted out to right-wing, hyper-Christian thugs. And it seems, the Yankees made the same mistake. A-Rod, like Blackwater, Clemens, like Halliburton, it was about the money not the mission. These Hessians alway fail because there is nothing a stake except a paycheck.

Empire is fleeting. As the Red Sox will learn later this week. Power shifts. Sometimes the movement is glacial and hard to detect. Sometimes, an empire comes apart in a weekend or a 7 game series. The fact is that next year a new dynasty will be born, a new king crowned and the Devil Rays will rule the East just as the Czars once did. Cleveland in 6!


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