Curt Schilling’s Biggest Fan is not a Devil Ray

Curt Schilling has been relegated to starting the 3rd game of the series with the Angels. At least his favorite fan still loves him. See below:

Hey Curt…. great game last nite vs As. You are awesome! I am a big fan… I was just down in Tampa to see the Sox and had a great weekend. I attended the two wins fri and sat nites. I had the pleasure of staying where you all stayed at the Loew’s Don Ce Sar Resort in St. Pete’s. What a great place! And had the fortune of seeing you Sat nite in the lobby getting on the elevator! I was the silly fan who yelled “and there’s Curt Schilling!!!!!!!” just like a kid seeing Santa for the first time! I am such a huge fan and I wished I had gotten to actually meet you! That would have been my dream come true! I wanted to get on the elevator but the security guy whisked you away. Sunday I swapped “Curt’s biggest fan” stories with Patrick Brophy (mgr at the Don Ce Sar) who said he is not a Sox fan but a fan of yours from your Phillies days. Anyway… I think I won the biggest fan story as my new license plate read “RSox38″. I am doing your ALS walk in October and would love to meet you some day. I am an OT who works with multiply disabled children in RI… I would love to get you to come to school some day and meet one of my students who is a HUGE Sox fan! ??Maybe in the off season? Well, I can’t even think ahead to the post season and where you might be…. want you here in Boston and if it was up to me, I’d grant any request you made! IF you end up in Tampa…. I like the dome at Tropicana Field… the Don Ce Sar is a cool place to stay… and green is my favorite color, so I wouldn’t object to purchasing a Tampa Bay jersey with your name and number if that so happens….. but I will always be a Red Sox fan first and foremost. Doesnt mean I can’t keep up being your biggest fan!! Colette


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