Smokin Weed And Makin Money is a Devil Ray

Favorite Open Today O/U Underdog

at Baltimore NL 8 35 1/2 Arizona- Life is a funny thing, take the over here.

Carolina 4 3 1/2 36 1/2 at Atlanta- Carolina, or just Steve Smith by himself.

at Chicago 3 3 41 Dallas- Special team points cover here, Chicago.

at Denver 3 3 35 1/2 Jacksonville- Jacksonville and/or the under.

Indianapolis 5 6 47 1/2 at Houston- Houston and/or the under, go figure.

at Kansas City NL 3 33 1/2 Minnesota- Kansas City a favorite? Playing at home isn’t worth 3 points, not this year.

at New England NL 16 1/2 41 Buffalo- Bills always play well against the Pats, take the points.

at NY Jets NL 3 35 1/2 Miami- Ugly game.

at Oakland 3 3 40 1/2 Cleveland- Ugly fun game.

at Philadelphia NL 6 44 Detroit- Restore the Roar, take the Lions and the points.

at Pittsburgh 8 1/2 9 38 San Francisco- Easy pick- take the under.

San Diego NL 5 43 at Green Bay- After being crushed by the Pats, the Chargers should be primed to open a can of whup-ass on the Packers, except for the fact that they just might not be THAT GOOD. Take the over.

at Seattle 3 3 1/2 50 Cincinnati- DYSFUNCTIONAL!

at Tampa Bay 3 1/2 3 1/2 38 St. Louis- Take the under and some No-Doze.

at Washington NL 3 1/2 40 1/2 NY Giants- Nothing interesting here, move along.

Monday, Sep 24
Favorite Open Today O/U Underdog
at New Orleans 4 1/2 4 45 1/2 Tennessee- New Orleans finally realizes that the season has started. Sorry, Vince.

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