On The Verge of Conflicted Emotions is a Devil Ray

The Texas Showdown was won by Clemens last night. He blanked the Sox until Big Sloppy went yard, and the Yankees held on to win 4-3. The lead is down to 6 and the Red Sox have nothing to hang their hats on except Herr Schilling, who is taking the mound this afternoon. And the only thing that is ‘more finished” than the washed-out braggart is last year’s Boston Marathon. Look for the Yankees to get sloppy with Schilling’s stuff this afternoon and win big.

The Devil Rays continued their drive to stay alive last night and beat the Birds in 12. Now, here’s the kicker: the Yankees play the Devil Rays this weekend. We’re not sure what to do. Best case, the Yankees and Red Sox lose 3 each over the weekend and continue this dance next week. We’ll even give a game to the Yankees if it means they can pick up a game in the standings. And yeah, rooting for Baltimore, who the Red Sox play this weekend, will suck.

Game Notes: Manny will be out for at least 10 days. Beckett seems not to want to cover first and last night it hurt him. That, and giving A-Rod a pitch to hit. Hey, Josh. Have you heard of this guy before? He’s pretty good.


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