Happy Birthday, India, is a Devil Ray

Somehow emerging out of the gnarled stump of Churchill’s cigar, India, we think, is celebrating its 60th birthday today. Churchill, an unmitigated racist, sought to hold onto India for eternity. Alas, it was not to be. Happy Birthday, India!

In other news, we walloped the Red Sox today. The only bad news- the Yankees lost.


Typical, Typical, Typical is a Devil Ray

God, why have you forsaken me? Your only son (of Wade Boggs). I mean, at some point just give me a break, could ya? The Red Sox picked up a game on the Yankees last night as they exploded in the 9th. inning, kicking Al Reyes in the ass, and scoring 2 runs to win. Mike Lowell homered and that was followed by Captain Varitek hitting a double, and then, being driven in by Private Crisp. I imagine General Schilling cheered, as did my dinner guest, a diehard Red Sox fan. And this, after I fed her… These Red Sox fans have no shame! Luckily, there is another game tonight.