Feline Destruction is not a Devil Ray

Hmm… Barry Bonds finally broke the home run record. Big deal, we say. What is really newsworthy this morning is the fact that the Red Sox are sinking fast. While there is nothing remotely likable about Bonds, the confederation of players and fans known as Red Sox Nation makes Barry look like Mother Teresa ( and given her views on contraception, in say, the overcrowded slums of India, is no saint in my book anyway. In fact, she might be the Curt Schilling of saints. Meaning, her good works might not get her into the Hall Of Fame. Is she a saint anyway? Is sainthood like the Hall of Fame?). In any event, the Red Sox now have a bullpen they don’t need because they aren’t scoring enough runs to make a bullpen matter much. And all this, with the Yankees rumbling into view and now just 5 games back with 2 months to play. What do you think is going to happen?

Devil Rays are getting mangled by the Tigers, someone call the game warden. please.


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