The Straight And Narrow is not a Devil Ray

Holy Smokes! We got lit up by Baltimore this afternoon, 11-3. 5 dingers were hit, 3 by the Birds. Meanwhile, in Seattle, it looks like the Red Sox will hang on to win. They’re in the 7th and Beckett is still on the mound. Time to turn the game over to their over-muscled, Popeye-like bullpen and see if they can hold a 4 run lead. The Yankees already won, beating Kansas City, 8-5. Who is going to blink first? Stay tuned. Dum De Dum Dum…


Torment is a Devil Ray

I’m a tormented soul, but can you blame me? After a tough loss last night at Baltimore, we’re back on the straight and narrow. Scott Kazmir has scattered a bunch of hits through 7 innings, and when we last checked, we were up 9-1. There was a time, all too recent, mind you, when we wouldn’t have been comfortable with such a lead, but given our new bullpen situation, I think another win is in the bag. Lets hope the Red Sox continue to struggle in Seattle, because struggle they did last night. I haven’t looked lately, but is their lead down to 5 games? (Insert evil laugh here).