The Belated Notes On A Froth is not a Devil Ray

The Celtics have probably played in 5 meaningful games in the last 20 years and now with the addition of Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen seem poised to change that. On the other hand, they now have 3 aging stars who have never won a thing. Might work. Might not. The Red Sox added Eric Gagne to an already solid bullpen when they actually needed a bat in the outfield, go figure. This is certainly a move that will come back to haunt them. I mean, what do you think Papelbon REALLY thinks about the trade? Remember, these are little brains and fragile egos we’re talking about and it doesnt take much…

Devil Rays tacked on another win yesterday afternoon and picked up a game on Toronto and Baltimore. Red Sox and Yankees won. From here on in, it’s just one day at a time.


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