The Second Half Is The Second Coming is a Devil Ray

And what was the first coming, anyway? Carl Crawford’s signing? With the promise of a second day without a Devil Ray’s game to fret over, we already feel refreshed. Our mood is lightened and our smile has returned. Having been on the front lines of this savage little war for far too long, a trip behind the lines was well overdue. And now that we have washed, slept, and eaten, we are ready to return to the fray.

We’ll move into position again today and prepare to renew the battle. And like all battles, the combat is preceded with words, even if the words sound hollow and unsure. This season is still up for grabs. Redemption is just a 10 game winning streak away. The Red Sox will collapse, make no mistake about that. My Devil Rays, ‘O Devil Rays- PLEASE, SEIZE THE DAY!


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