The Big Question is a Devil Ray

Carl Crawford came off the bench last night to pinch run and ended up scoring to tie the game. Later, in extra innings, he homered for the win. That, my friends is a sign. Now if we can put a 55 game winning streak together, 57 if we count the last 2 victories, we’ll make the playoffs. Seems crazy, I know. But the real question is- is it impossible? We think not. Sure, we’re biased but nothing is impossible. The possibility still exists that the Devil Rays can end the season with 95 wins, thus assuring themselves a playoff berth, and then, as predicted here, a World Series victory so improbable as to defy any sort of logic, except mine…


The Glories Of A Sunday Afternoon Baseball Game is a Devil Ray

Julio Lugo said of his former teammates that they looked overmatched during the first 2 games of the weekend series. Now, if anyone knows a little something something about being overmatched it’s Julio Lugo. And yesterday, the shoe was on the other foot- it was the Red Sox that looked overmatched as Kid K (who owns the Red Sox) dealt Tumbling Dice his 8th loss. Redemption? Perhaps not, but we’ll take it. That, and the fact that Papelbon blew a save on Saturday night. Watching the insufferable closer wave his fists in the air is becoming tiresome at best. Kind of like watching the Police at Fenway Park.

Speaking of which, a low cloud cover and soupy conditions allowed Sting’s warbling falsetto to be heard miles away from Fenway. Birds were falling out of trees dead in my neighborhood.

This Charred Ruin Of A Season is not a Devil Ray

The Red Sox were at the Trop last night and lit into our bullpen. Final score, 7-1 Boston. Frankly, I’m running out of bluster. With August just around the corner, we’ve only won 38 games. This was supposed to be the year that things finally turned around and instead they got worse. In the storied history of this franchise, this year ranks as the hardest to take. As the season unfolded, our expectations were very high, The World Series, right? Why not? Stranger things have happened. But no, it wouldn’t be that easy. Misery piled upon indignity, game after game, loss after loss… Finally, it destroyed us. It dulled that flickering chalice of hope that we clasped and sent us to our ruin. At this point, the Wildcard might be our only hope.

Beating Cancer is not a Devil Ray

We tried, honestly, to put aside the hate last night and root for Jon Lester but found ourselves slipping back into our venomous ways early in the game. As it turns out, it all worked out for the best- despite our rooting against him, the kid pitched a good game and the Red Sox won. Frankly, we’re glad. He earned a feel-good moment and we’re happy for him but from this point forward, it’s all business. If he’s pitching for the Red Sox, he’ll be entitled to 1/25th of our wrath. Actually, we could double-up on Schilling and leave the kid alone…

Throwing in the Towel is not a Devil Ray

And let me tell you, at this point it would be easy. And if the Red Sox had lost over the weekend, this would be easier to take. But Christ! How do you give up 49 runs in a 4 game series? How do you give up 21 runs in a game, even to the Yankees? And if its questions you want- how do you give up 6 homeruns in a single game? Meanwhile, the Red Sox beat up on the most pathetic team in baseball- the White Sox. What crap! Just shoot me, please. I guess we’ll just have to be content to watch the Red Sox slowly crumble again. Not a bad thing at all. Go Cleveland!

Dick Cheney is President Today is not a Devil Ray

The President is undergoing a colonoscopy today and so, Dick Cheney will be President while the procedure is being performed. If I were Iranian, I’d be on my toes…

Devil Rays pummeled the Yankees last night and Edwin Jackson pitched 6 scoreless inning. We play 2 in the Bronx today and it goes without saying, we need them both. In Boston, the Pink Hats finally scored some runs and coasted to a win over the White Sox, 10-3. Not to worry, they won’t win again this weekend. Big Papi slide into second with a headfirst slide that knocked the pictures off my wall and may be hurt for a while. Maybe, Wily Mo Pena will pick up the slack…

The Imploding DeathStar, Also Known As The Boston Red Sox, is not a Devil Ray

Seems like there was a time not too long ago when the Red Sox were winning a game every day. Nothing fancy, nothing dramatic, just win after win, day after day. At one point, I think, they had a 14 game lead in the standings. Well, the times are a changing and that lead has shrunk to 7 games. Tumbling Dice took another loss last night, Big Papi is just a mere mortal this year, Manny is Manny, Julio Lugo (ha), JD Drew (ha), Coco (ha), and Josh Beckett is being called upon to stop the skid tonight (haha). Finally, we’re amused. The Red Sox approach the trading deadline looking for some pitching and a bat, pretty funny. Doesn’t seem like this team is heading for the World Series. More likely, 4th place. Now we can only wait for the fights and back-stabbing to begin.