A 7 Game Home Stand is a Devil Ray

And it starts tonight, promptly at 7:05. Nomar is in town with the (say it slowly) L. A. Dodgers, last of Brooklyn. Nomar has always been a favorite of ours, that is, favorite to hate. During his time in Boston he became more sullen and paranoid than the Unibomber. Watching him was a joyless and tedious task. He never once smiled or seemed to talk to his teammates. As his skills diminished and injuries took their toll, he slid deeper and deeper into a black-sided funk that ended with his marriage to a soccer player, of all things. Back in time, in another century, many thought he was on a track leading to the Hall of Fame. Now, he is just an aging 1st. baseman playing out the string. Indeed, the gods are unkind.


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