A Seemingly Impossible Thing is a Devil Ray


Noam Chomsky is a Devil Ray

Movin On Up is a Devil Ray

James Shields pitched a complete game last night and picked up his 4th. win. He is the real deal, people. Kazmir and Shields are 2 of the best young pitchers in baseball and they happen to play on the best young team in baseball. This team could play double-headers for a month straight without missing a beat. Magic is in the air, and I feel it. And damn, that OTHER JAPANESE PLAYER is pretty good.

And speaking of the air, shouldn’t rebellion be mentioned this morning as now dozens of American soldiers have been killed in the last week. Seems the surge isn’t working. Never mind the countless Iraqis who have been killed. I suppose you could start by attacking your local police station….

Tumbling, Tumbling Dice is not a Devil Ray

The Tumbler got shelled tonight. Bye, bye. The Red Sox are losing 6-2 and The Dice is on the bench already. Meanwhile, in Tampa Bay the Devil Rays are beating the Tigers 5-3. Everything is falling into place, finally. Lets hope nothing changes. And yeah, the Yankees are winning too. Crazy night!

Losing 11-2 is not a Devil Ray

Fate is unkind. After 2 straight wins, we are getting crushed by the Tigers. Casey Fossum (The Express Train to The Minors) gave up 5 runs and shouldn’t ever stand on a Major League mound again. In other news, the Red Sox are winning and the Yankees are losing. The Indians are threatening in the 8th. with 2 men on at Fenway. We’ll see.

We lost. They won.

Beating Detroit in the 9th Inning is a Devil Ray

Elijah Dukes won this in the 9th. with a single. Hopefully, he won’t go home and threaten to kill his girlfriend (again). Iwamura is back in the lineup and had 2 hits. Time to roll! The Red Sox won (again) but almost imploded in the 9th against the Indians. The Yankees lost again to Toronto. We’ll be in 2nd place by Saturday (again). Roll Rays Roll!

Cows with Guns is a Devil Ray