33 Dead is not a Devil Ray

We’ll never learn.

How many people have to die before there is a serious attempt in this country to put in place a national gun control law. A law that states all handguns are illegal and may not be sold to anyone under any circumstances. It will never happen, I know. And since we’re talking about guns, when will we actually see a SWAT team use their weapons rather than standing around outside a building where people are being killed. If I recall correctly, the same thing happened at Columbine. Whats the point of having a SWAT team, if that’s the case. The whole idea is to get to the killer in a timely fashion and save lives. And since we’re talking about cops, heads will roll before this is over. How could this happen? Two shootings, hours apart, on the same college campus and 32 people killed with perhaps as many wounded. Terrible mistakes were made today that may have given the killer a chance to kill again.


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