George Potter is a Devil Ray

George Potter died yesterday in Cambridge. He was 90 years old. He was teaching (spying) in Japan when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. That very day he was thrown in jail, beaten, and feared he would be killed. His only regret at the time was that would never see the young woman he had fallen in love with. She was a German woman who was living with her uncle in Japan. She was called Vivvy by her friends. After a year, or so, George, along with most of the Americans were released by the Japanese government. After Germany’s defeat, Vivvy was imprisioned by the Japanese just outside of Hiroshima. George, now was working his way across the Pacific with the American forces that were poised to invade the Japanese Islands. With food scarce in Japan, Vivvy had very little to eat and was marched from place to place to avoid the American bombs that seemed to be falling everywhere. Her captors marched her through Hiroshima just days after the Atomic Bomb was dropped. After Japan’s surrender she returned to her uncle’s house.

One day, several months after the war ended, a Japanese friend knocked on her door and told her that a German Officer was looking for her, it was George. It took a while before George was able to take his German bride home, but soon they obtained permission to return to the United States. They lived together happily until yesterday.


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