The Deflector Glove is not a Devil Ray


A Month of Baseball is a Devil Ray

Looking backward while we look ahead: The bookends of the American League East have more problems than might be apparent at this early date. In first place, the Red Sox are a couple of injuries away from floundering, with my favorite pairing being Beckett and Manny, but hell: throw Schilling into the mix, too. Despite the hype, Tumbling Dice has proven that he is a 4th or 5th. starter and their lineup has more holes than a tennis net.

In last place, the Yankees don’t have any pitching. Forget the injuries, forget the history, forget the Yankees. A-Rod would have to hit 137 home runs, half of them with men on base, for this team to even finish 3rd..

The Devil Rays won yesterday and have a well-earned day off today. As expected, they are tracking the Red Sox from the middle of the pack as they measure their prey before striking. It’s likely, that by the end of this week we’ll be in 2nd. place and poised to make our move. We both play those pesky Twins during the week, so lets wait and see.

The Tangle is a Devil Ray

Wallowing in Last Place is not a Devil Ray

Makes us sad to see the Yankees firmly entrenched in last place. At the start of the season we assumed it would be a two team race between the Rays and Yankees. Maybe, our predictive powers are slipping. The Red Sox are coasting along, using a mixture of poor defense, sloppy baserunning, C+ pitching, and lots of home runs. Some things never change.
Last night was a perfect example: Tumbling Dice gives up 4 runs while looking very much like a deer in the headlights and the Red Sox still win, feasting on a pitching staff that should still be in A Ball.

Rays beat Oakland handily, 4-1, in a baseball game, not a 4 hour long softball swat.

The Star Spangled Banner is not a Devil Ray

LA is not a Devil Ray

Sweep the Yankees, pack up your things, fly to California. The baseball season is a grind. And since we’re fair and balanced, we’ll admit that the Rays weren’t ready to play last night, and it showed. 9-1 Angels. We play again this afternoon, and hopefully, with a better result.
The Botards won in Baltimore, Schilling picked up the win. Beckett starts today and he’s a train about to go off the rails. The last place Yankees play Toronto.

And people in Baltimore are still talking about Schilling’s bloody sock, i mean painted to look like a bloody sock. Poor Schill, nobody likes him.

Flying Blind is a Devil Ray